Huntersville Schools

Huntersville Schools

Schools in Huntersville NC, Huntersville Schools
Schools in Huntersville NC, Huntersville Schools

Schools in Huntersville NC. Huntersville schools are included in Mecklenburg County public schools, Huntersville NC private and charter school information as well as area college information. Huntersville schools are part of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) public school system.

The schools that most Huntersville students attend are Huntersville Elementary, Long Creek Elementary, Blythe Elementary, Bradley Middle School, Alexander Middle School, North Mecklenburg High; considered the CMS North Learning Community.

View more information on Lake Norman schools including NC Educational System requirements for public schools, charter, private, home-school and higher education helpful links. For information on Huntersville NC charter schools in the area visit the Office of Charter Schools. View Huntersville private schools within a 25 miles radius and area Huntersville colleges.

Elementary schools include:

Middle schools include:

High schools include:

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Private schools

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Visit Huntersville for more information on living in Huntersville. Learn about it’s economytaxes and tax ratesschoolspublic and municipal services provided by the town. You’ll also find recreational opportunities, local golf courses and area shoppingLake Norman links provide a wealth of information throughout the Charlotte NC region.

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Find Lake Norman Information; the lake towns and counties on the lake. Whether you are purchasing Lake Norman waterfront real estate or planning on boating or fishing on Lake Norman you’ll want to know where there is lake access with boat ramps and marinas. You might even decide to join one of the many boating clubs on the lake.

Lake Norman Real Estate

Planning on home buying or selling a home in the lake area? Search MLS listings that are up-to-date and accurate for Lake Norman real estate for sale, Cornelius NC real estate, Davidson NC real estate, Denver NC real estateHuntersville NC real estate and Mooresville NC real estate. Don’t forget to search Lake Norman waterfront property. In conclusion, you’ll need to compare these properties, the amenities they offer and the true costs of living in each town.

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