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Building Lake Norman

Lake Norman Information, Information About Lake Norman
Information About Lake Norman

Lake Norman information; why was NC’s largest lake built, its purpose in the Charlotte Metro area, lake levels and management and Lake Norman living.

Before 1963, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Mooresville and the unincorporated Denver NC were small, rural towns. Located 20 miles north of Charlotte North Carolina they were sleepy little towns centered around cotton, agriculture and textiles. That all changed when Duke Power dammed the Catawba River by building Cowans Ford Dam. That created the largest man-made body of fresh water in North Carolina; Lake Norman. In 2013, Lake Norman celebrated its 50 year anniversary.

The Early Years

In the 1920’s Duke began buying the land to build Lake Norman and by the 1950’s the company had almost all it needed. You could say the origin of the real estate boom began when some farmers sold their land to Duke and rented it back from to keep farming or when others sold their land to Duke for as little as $80 an acre to as much as $1,000 an acre. They moved into the towns or on to other farms. As history has proven, the smart ones sold their land that would be flooded and held on to what would become lakefront property. You won’t find Lake Norman real estate for sale at these prices today!

In September 1959 the first blast of dynamite for building the dam occurred. In the 4 years it took to build and fill Lake Norman it took between 1,200 and 1,500 engineers, laborers and managers to make the calculations, survey the land, build the dam and clear the land. Duke thought the lake would reach full pond in 1964, but heavy rains in the spring of 1963 filled the lake by the middle of July. The result was 32,500 acres of surface water, 520 miles of shoreline and 50 square miles of land used; about 25,000 football fields!

Lake Norman Information; It’s Purpose

Of course the real purpose for damning the Catawba River and forming Lake Norman was to provide a dependable supply of water to adjoining counties – Iredell County, Lincoln County and Mecklenburg County. Lake Norman water is used to provide electricity to the Piedmont region of North Carolina. The three generating plants on Lake Norman: Cowans Ford Hydro Station, the original power station; Marshall Steam Station, a coal-burning steam-electric generating station on NC Highway 150; and the William B. McGuire Nuclear Station near the east abutment of Cowans Ford Dam.

Lake Norman; Water Levels (760 Line)

Lake Norman lake levels are controlled by Duke Power with “full pond” being 100% full. It is based on a surveyed 760 degrees above sea level. The 760 line is important because it determines whether or not a property is in a Flood Zone. That will require flood insurance. In addition, the lake level also affects Lake Norman boating, fishing, lake access by boat ramps, boating club activities and marinas.

Lake Norman Information; Lake Management

Duke’s Lake Management manages planting new trees, stocking the lake with fish and even controls the mosquito population. View information on Lake Norman’s Shoreline Stabilization Guide. Before you perform any shoreline stabilization work, contact Duke Energy Lake Services, they will help you work through the Lake Norman shoreline – stabilization permit and application process and provide the Lake Norman information you need to know before you start your project.

Duke Power provides 10 public access areas around the lake. Lake Norman State Park is 1,328 acres. It offers campsites and a public swimming area. As a result, the four counties surrounding the lake are invested in public parks.

Compare Lake Norman Towns

Moving to the Lake Norman area? No town has the same personalty. Which town matches your lifestyle? Compare these Lake Norman towns before you buy real estate – CorneliusDavidson, Denver, Huntersville and Mooresville.

Living on Lake Norman

Find Lake Norman Information; the lake towns and counties on the lake. Whether you are purchasing Lake Norman waterfront real estate or planning on boating or fishing on Lake Norman you’ll want to know where there is lake access with boat ramps and marinas. You might even decide to join one of the many boating clubs on the lake.

Lake Norman Real Estate

Planning on home buying or selling a home in the lake area? Search MLS listings that are up-to-date and accurate for Lake Norman real estate for sale, Cornelius NC real estate, Davidson NC real estate, Denver NC real estateHuntersville NC real estate and Mooresville NC real estate. Don’t forget to search Lake Norman waterfront property. In conclusion, you’ll need to compare these properties, the amenities they offer and the true costs of living in each town.

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