Intro to the Octopus Treasure

Sea Hunter, a simple 3×3 game with some similarities to Octopus Treasure, was probably the last time Play’n GO explored the depths of the ocean. Keys open treasure chests, and a colossal cephalopod offers assistance instead of cannons.

You can’t help but think about that giant monster the whole time you’re out there. He bobs around behind the see-through 5-reel, 20-payline grid, occasionally reaching out with a tentacle or two to interfere. All the action on the screen can be overwhelming. At first glance, Octopus Treasure may remind you more of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch than it does of a thriving coral reef community. Choose whichever you like; they’re both a bit chaotic. The journey is capped by a similarly enigmatic soundtrack. In general, the visual style is serviceable without being Play’n GO’s most polished effort.

When it comes to the mathematics model, players can count on the same consistent results that come with other Play’n GO slots. Default settings for RTP yield a value of 96.25 percent. Just keep in mind that this number can be reduced based on the preferences of the individual operators. Potential is the typical Play’n GO figure, while volatility is moderate. While there was no official hit rate made available during testing (as there always is with this provider), wins did show up on a reasonable basis, despite the fact that the four in-game modifiers rarely added up to much.

Bets on Octopus Treasure range from 20 percent to $100 (or €100), so it’s not exactly high-stakes gambling. There are two tiers of payouts for each of the eight standard icons. Spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts are low-paying symbols, while pots of gold, a jug of coins, a crown, and other similar items are high-paying. A line of five premiums, for example, is only worth between 2 and 3.5 times the stake, so the value is not particularly high. When five wilds appear in a row, your payout increases to five times your wager. Wild, adorned with coral, stands in for all other icons barring the scatter.

Specifics of the Octopus’s Priceless Treasure

Only in treasure chests on the ocean floor can one hope to find anything of value. Octopus Treasure follows suit in this respect; throughout the game, you’ll be on the lookout for keys to chests.

If you’re lucky, the third reel of your next spin will contain a key icon. When this happens, the octopus reaches out, grabs it, and opens the treasure chest perched above the reels. When the treasure chest opens, one of four reel modifiers is awarded.

To play Wild Coins, a slew of virtual currency drops to the bottom of the screen, and players select three at random. If a matching symbol appears on the reels after a coin is flipped, all of those coins become wild.

Gold Stack – The octopus enhances a few symbols at random to increase your payouts.

Treasure Grab is a game where the octopus collects symbols and gives out instant prizes in exchange for them.

Choose a jar to turn an entire reel into a stacked wild in Wild Reels. This feature might allow users to make multiple selections.

There is an additional chance for a multiplier to be applied to any win after a feature. A value of x2, x3, x5, or x10 is possible here.

When 3 pearl scatters appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, the Key Respins feature is activated, taking the game to the next level. Only the bonus icons will be on the reels during this feature. They are not valuable but are nonetheless amassed. A total of 5-10 Treasure Spins will be granted depending on the number of keys found.

With Treasure Spins, one of the aforementioned bonus features is activated at random with every spin. When a key icon appears, it grants an additional spin to the total. As a plus, there is no cap on the number of Treasure Spins that can be earned.

the verdict on the Octopus Treasure

I can’t help but think that Play’n GO rushed this release. When it comes down to it, there isn’t much to get excited about in Octopus Treasure. Play’n GO either failed to remember the importance of a hook in a good game or simply did not use one. Gameplay-wise, the game jigs around and does its thing, but there isn’t much to keep you glued to the seat. We all know that Play’n GO has a very active release schedule, which can go either way. It’s for the best, as more mud will eventually stick if you throw enough of it. Worse, you’ll probably have to make some empty slots anyway.

There is a general lack of excitement, and a few minor issues that detract even more. The animations for the game’s fundamental features can be time-consuming, and it’s frustrating when they only net you a small victory. They also appear to have a longer waiting period before awarding free spins. If you manage to activate Treasure Spins, you’ll have to deal with them each time you play. Of course, everything could turn out fine; perhaps the game will reward your efforts with a random x10 multiplier. Keep in mind, just like many other Play’n GO games, a jackpot of 5,000 times your initial wager is up for grabs.

Misunderstand the concept I would not recommend playing Octopus Treasure. You can’t say that this is Play’n GO at its finest. As for the future, who can say? A new underwater slot machine to spin may please tentacle-hungry octopi fans and Kraken devotees.