Review of Five Times Pay Online Slots

IGT’s Five Times Pay might be a good fit for you if you like traditional, no-frills slot machines that nonetheless have the ability to pay out large rewards. Already a global phenomenon in land-based casinos, you may now spin these reels on your desktop computer. However, it is not now accessible in a mobile version, reflecting the game’s antiquity.

The visuals are also rather retro, which may be a detriment or precisely the type of design that attracts. Cherries, BARs, and 7s populate the display. We really appreciated the appeal of the Five Times Pays slot machine and believe that all players will like the game’s features.

These contain a wild symbol that multiplies wins by a factor of five. If you line up wild symbols along the one payline, you may win a jackpot of up to $15,000.00!

The Three Reel, One Payline layout of the Five Times Pays slot machine makes it ideal for inexperienced players. But the multipliers and potential for large jackpots will also appeal to seasoned gamblers. With a high volatility, it may take a few spins before you score a winning combination. However, the comparatively big payouts make the wait worthwhile.

Check out the free version of Five Times Pay, or if you want to play for real money, visit one of the best online casinos and attempt to land those priceless symbols across the payline.

Five Times Pay Slot Configuration and Controls

As might be expected, a simple game like Five Times Pay has simple control choices. You set the value of each coin, which may range from $0.01 to $5.00, and then choose whether to play with 1, 2, or 3 coins.

It offers a maximum bet of $15.00 each spin, which may not be sufficient for big rollers. But when payments of 1,000 times the wager or $15,000.00 are available, this should be acceptable for the majority of us.

Although players may wager 1, 2, or 3 coins, the jackpot prizes vary. This topic will be addressed later, however here is a helpful hint. Play with three coins and set the value of each coin to your bankroll. It reduces the minimum bet to 0.03 every spin, but increases the possible prize. It also assures that the average return to player percentage increases to over 95 percent, which is fairly impressive for a traditional three-reeler.

The Gameplay and Bonus Features of Five Times Pay

The reels are arranged on a black backdrop in a simple style. Slots enthusiasts will be quite acquainted with the conventional design of the traditional symbols. In addition to the paytable, the bonus feature’s rules are shown to the right of the reels. It could not be any easier.

You win by landing symbols on the central payline that runs through the reels. Numerous wins will be generated by the Cherries symbol, which is only worth 10 coins when it appears on the reels. But you may also earn 2 or 5 coins as consolation rewards when it stops on just 1 or 2 reels.

The single, double, and triple-BAR symbols are additional traditional fruit machine icons shown on this page. Any combination is worth five coins. The purple and red sevens result in some of the best triumphs. However, the logo of the game is what makes the Five Times Pay slot machine so captivating.

This emblem is impossible to miss, since the number 5 is emblazoned over it. It is a special wild symbol that functions normally by substituting for any other symbol to form a winning payline combination. In addition, it doubles the symbol’s basic value by five.

But wait, it gets better. If there were two wild symbols spanning a line, the value of the second symbol would be 5 x 5, which, as we all know, is 25x. The jackpot payout will be paid if wild symbols line up along a payline.

Here it pays to activate all three coins. The prize for a single-coin wager is a hefty 2,000 coins. Play with 2 coins and the prize will increase to 5,000 coins rather than doubling. At the maximum bet of three coins, 15,000 coins will be awarded if the wild symbol falls across a payline.